For Karate that can be continued to learn…
Based on my experiences of having practiced karate as a member of Ashihara Karate for over 30 years, and having been in charge of its Kyoto branch in Minami-Ku for a long time, now I started Kyo-ku-kai, aiming for a new style of karate, which has its core in Sabaki techniques and adopts other techniques form various styles.
I really appreciate the encounters (buen) with each of my students.  In order that everyone can continue to brush up their skills, I have been trying to see their individual needs and to meet them as much as possible.
 “Kyo-ku-kai,” which stands for “Karate of Kyoto,” intends to have a base in Kyoto and to produce people who can be active worldwide.  I gave my new dojo this name wishing that people living in Kyoto, those loving Kyoto, and visitors to Kyoto can meet here and learn to grow through training.  And “Goshin (defense)” in “Goshin Sabaki-Ryu Karate-Do” means to defense your body, defense your heart, and defense your truth.  This name  implies my wish that my students will master Sabaki-Ryu karate so that they can protect their own body, heart and truth.
We hold “Sabaki Games” twice a year, which is a very unique style of karate competition.  Players are divided into groups according to their ages, genders, and weights.  This is not a tournament, so they can fight many times even if they lose once.  The purpose of this competition is to gain “wins (kachiboshi),” and players who have won most in the group will be awarded prizes.  We adopt our original rules in order to guarantee the greatest safety, which we believe allows a wider range of people to join this competition.
I wish that players in Sabaki Games will foster courage in themselves so as to challenge without fear other types of karate competitions.  Of course, challenging to join other competitions is not what all the players aim at, and joining these competitions including Sabaki Games is not mandatory to all the students.  I hope that my students will join Sabaki Games when they have enough courage to challenge it.  I further hope that the courage will lead them to contribute themselves to the society too.
Even those who start karate for the purpose of beauty or health can join the games if they are motivated to do so by seeing other students or their children brush up their skills in the games.  I believe it is the time when those students can realize how much they have grown physically and mentally.
“Keep challenging!  Keep continuing!”  This is easy if you can find a goal.  Then, you will be able to aim at the higher level and acquire karate that you can continue to learn. 
I would like to devote myself to this new karate dojo, Kyo-Ku-Kai, wishing that it will be a dojo where those who love Kyoto and those who love karate are attracted to come and gather.
                                                                 The President Master     Yoshitsugu Suzuki